Our Story

COVE - a sheltered bay; a safe place to launch (or re-launch) 


The COVE Community consists of people of all walks of life who are struggling, surviving and even thriving through life's storms.  We exist to be of support to you regardless of your race, creed, age, sexual orientation, education or issue.


At COVE we learn not only what we can be set free from, but what we are set free for.  Our journey is not just to end addictions and destructive habits, but to discover the person God created us to be.


What is COVE?


COVE is a holistic recovery community that focuses on learning, healing and recovery.  It is for those working through addiction, divorce, grief, abuse, anger, depression, anxiety, financial stress and the like.


When Does Cove Meet?


COVE meets every Thursday evening at Lifepoint Church located at 501 Scott Lake Road in Waterford.  Food and friendship are available from 6:30pm until 7pm, at which time the meeting officially begins.


What Can I Expect When I Come?


After pulling into the parking lot of the church, please park in the rear of the building.  You will see a sign by the door that you will enter.  If you come between 6:30pm and 7pm, you will see people mingling and eating.  Don't assume everyone knows one another.  They don't.  They are just trying to work it out just like you.  Grab something to eat and sit down at a table.  Introduce yourself if you like.  You made it!


At 7pm, live music will begin.  The music will be encouraging and Christ-centered.  Enjoy it and let it speak to you.  After the music, our director will share a brief talk and then release to tables of various topics throughout the building.  Each group will have a sign outside the door.  Make your way to the topic of your choice.  If you need assistance, just ask.  We're all finding our way together.


Our table discussion at COVE is private and the table facilitator will give each participant an opportunity to share if they desire.  We ask that there be no cross talk.  COVE is not a place to fix each other, but to encourage one another along the journey.


Is there a fee for COVE?


There is no fee for COVE.  It is absolutely free.  If you choose to make a monetary contribution for food and materials, or bring a dish to pass, it will be a blessing to others.


Does COVE have professional counselors?


No.  COVE is not a professional counseling/therapy organization.  It is a community of volunteers who facilitate learning, healing and recovery.


Does COVE support those with severe mental illness?


While we sympathize, we are not qualified to counsel or give advice to those suffering from various forms of mental illness.  We encourage all who are dealing with debilitating mental illness to seek professional help.  Once symptoms are managed, the COVE community may be an encouragement along the journey.  That being said, most everyone has milder forms of mental illness.  So long as your symptoms are managed and allow you to exercise self-control, you are more than welcome to attend our gatherings.


Can I encourage friends and relatives to attend COVE?


Of course you can.  We even have materials you can take with you to encourage others to participate.  


Is COVE just for those addicted to hard drugs and alcohol?


No.  While we serve those with addictions to hard drugs and alcohol, we also have tables for family members and friends of those who are addicted. We also have tables for those suffering with the loss of a loved one, those struggling with debt and those troubled with anxiety and depression.  New tables are formed every few months.  Feel free to join all of the tables that interest you.


Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as much as by the obstacles one has overcome.  ~ Booker T. Washington

COVE Community

Thursday evenings

6:30 - 8:30pm

Lifepoint Christian Church

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328


Questions?  Email