Lifepoint Chapel 







We have services for the whole family and we look forward to meeting you!

Lifepoint Chapel is dedicated to the truth of the bible and the deity of Jesus Christ.  You will find our worship meaningful and sincere.  We like to keep things real.  Come a little early for a hot (and good) cup of coffee.  If you have children that would like to participate in our children’s ministries, our safety team and professional check-in procedure will ensure a comfortable and safe visit. 

The Chapel is located at 5860 Andersonville Road on the border of Clarkston and West Waterford.  It was built in 1869 and is an absolutely beautiful picture of history in our community.



Isn't Sunday a sacred day? Is it right to have church on Saturday?

The Sabbath Day was a shadow of things to come (see Colossians 2:16-17). Jesus IS the Sabbath. His death and resurrection fulfilled the law and set us free from the religious works of the law. Now, we can worship anywhere at anytime (see John 4).