A Healthier You! - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday

March 11th - April 29th 

7:00 - 8:00pm

Lifepoint Main Campus

501 Scott Lake Road,

Waterford, MI 48328

A Healthier You!

Facilitator:  Shatha Uebler


Shatha is a well-educated business woman who has battled with lifelong proper eating habits and losing weight only to gain it again.  Her desire is to journey with others to living healthier lives while embracing wellness and wholeness of body, soul, mind, and spirit found in a relationship with Jesus.


The GROUP will teach you about a relationship with Jesus and how He can help you live a healthier, more full life, by renewing your mind and taking care of yourself as God intended.


Week 1:  I am…what’s your third word?

Week 2:  Taking our thoughts captive

Week 3:  What does God really care about?

Week 4:  Embrace to Replace

Week 5:   It’s a love hate thing

Week 6:  Building blocks of small changes

Week 7:  Comparison and competition

Week 8:  Think on these things


For more information email:  Pashathauebler@gmail.com

Admission is FREE.  Childcare provided.

Divorce Care - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday

April 1st - June 24th

7:00 - 8:30pm

Lifepoint Main Campus / COVE Community Area 

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Divorce Care

Facilitators:  Tim & Rose Payne


For many years Tim and Rose have been teaching Divorce Care, counseling young couples and struggling marriage partners.  They have experience the painful consequences of divorce themselves, as well as, the healing and recovery found in Christ.

Divorce Care is a 13 week structure used to assist those who experienced divorce directly or indirectly as a child of divorce.  The group focuses on forgiveness, healing, and recovery to live a full life with Jesus as your companion.


Week 1:    Deep Hurt

Week 2:    Road to Recovery

Week 3:    Anger

Week 4:    Grief and Depression

Week 5:    Loneliness

Week 6:    Fears and Anxiety

Week 7:    Family and Friends

Week 8:    Are You Fully Prepared for Court?

Week 9:    Conflict

Week 10:  Forgiveness

Week 11:  Your Former Spouse 

Week 12:  Single Living

Week 13:  Brighter Days


For more information email:  rose534@comcast.net

Admission is FREE.  Childcare provided.

$20 charge for workbook 

Fathers Unite - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday

March 25th - April 29th

6:30 - 8:30pm

Lifepoint Main Campus Lobby Area 

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Fathers Unite

Facilitator:  Rubin Parry


Rubin is the proud father of two young boys with his wife Sarah, has been involved with GROUPS for fathers, is a student of the Bible and desires to be a great dad!.

The vision of this group is to provide knowledge, support, and training for fathers to enable them to be great men of character and provide Godly leadership for the home.


Week 1:  What is a Father?

Week 2:  Ways to be a great man.

Week 3:  Ways to be a great father.

Week 4:  Issues we face with our spouse.

Week 5:  Issues we face with our children.

Week 6:  Balancing family, work and time for you.

Week 7:  Fathers being the leader and head of the home.

Week 8:  God shows you the man you should be and final thoughts.


Childcare provided

For more information email:  rubin@fathersunite.net

Financial Peace University - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday 

March 18th- May 20th

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Lifepoint Main Campus 

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Financial Peace University

Facilitator:  Steve Lord


Steve is a business man who has an earned degree in accounting and has worked with people in financial planning and accounting.  Steve strongly believes in operating by Biblical principles in handling wealth and common sense.

FPU is a 9 session workshop that covers getting out of debt, setting reasonable budgets, and how to handle your money to create a stable household, i.e. financial peace, and a secure future.


Here are the sessions for the 9 weeks:


Week 1:  Super Savers

Week 2:  Relating with money

Week 3:  Cash Flow Planning

Week 4:  Dumping Debt

Week 5:  Buyer Beware

Week 6:  The Role of Insurance

Week 7:  Retirement/College Planning

Week 8:  Real Estate/Mortgage

Week 9:  The Great Misunderstanding


FPU GROUP is scheduled to start Thursday, March 18 @ 7:00-8:30 pm @ Lifepoint Church. The cost is $99.00. Your materials will be shipped to you directly from FPU.

For more info email: StephenLordBuilding@gmail.com  

Freedom From Codependency - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday 

7:00 - 8:30 pm

Lifepoint Main Campus / COVE Community

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328


Facilitator:  Georgia Ayers


Georgia is a Licensed Minister and school teacher of many years.  She is an anointed teacher of God’s Word and has overcome the struggle with codependency and dysfunctional relationships herself.  Her great desire is to help people become untangled from this issue and live an abundant life in Christ.

Overcoming Codependency is in a safe, confidential place for mental and emotional support and to begin the healing process from past and present unhealthy relationships. This GROUP uses a 12 Step method and helps one discover tools to work forward to overcome codependent patterns and dysfunctional relationships.  Any and all women are welcomed!




  1. Loving yourself the way God loves you and receiving your self-worth from Him.

  2. Learning to focus on your needs instead of solely on others.

  3. Acknowledging and validating your personal feelings.

  4. Learning to treat yourself with compassion.

  5. Pursuing your own goals and hobbies.

  6. Learning the art of letting go; “detaching” from obsessing about what others are doing and not doing.

  7. Getting personal support, overcoming isolation, and increasing motivation.

For more information email:  georgia@lifepointchristian.com

Admission is FREE.  Childcare provided.

Signs of being in a codependent relationship:

  1. Being overly concerned about what the others and feeling the need to help fix their problems. 

  2. Being in a one-sided relationship where one person is hardworking and responsible and the other is allowed to be irresponsible or avoid the consequences of their actions. 

  3. Sacrificing your health, time, energy, money, values, goals, or friendships to make another person happy.

  4. Being afraid of doing or saying something that will displease or anger someone. Not expressing your opinions, sharing your feelings, or ever asking for what you want.  

  5. Taking on the role of a martyr - taking care of everyone and everything, while being resentful that no one helps or seems to care for you.

  6. Trying control another person’s behavior through criticism, ultimatums, nagging, or giving unsolicited advice.

  7. Continuing a relationship even after another person has repeatedly hurt you (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.).

  8. Spending more time taking care of others than taking care of yourself.  Doing something for yourself makes you feel guilty.

  9. Afraid of being rejected, criticized, or abandoned.

  10. Often feeling resentful or that you’re being taken advantage of.

Game Changers - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday 

March 11th- April 29th

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Lifepoint Main Campus 

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328


Facilitator:  Dale Gilbert


Dale is a Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister and Chaplain

The World is waiting for you.

Helping Broken People, Become Unbroken.


Session 1 – No Condemnation!

Let the past be in the past.

Letting God give you a new beginning.

Embracing a New Hope and Future.


Session 2 – God isn’t done with you yet

Restoring God given dreams and visions.

Setting new goals.


Session 3 – You can do, all God has for you to do (Making a plan for success).

Who are you?

What’s your story?

What do you want to do?


Session 4 – Developing your plan 

Be prayerful.  Seeking God on how to work the plan.

Being passionate and determined.

Seeking Godly council.


Session 5 – Leading and Motivating

Assembling your team.

Sharing your Dream.


Session 6 – Being Fearless

Boldly go where God is leading you to go.

Going for the Gold!


Session 7 – Dealing with Opposition

Not all will be for you.

Keep on the path of the vision.


Session 8 – Mentoring

Being an example.

Hand off the baton.

Find your Robin, Batman.


For more information email: lighthousekids@comcast.net 

Grief Share - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday 

Starting March 18th

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Lifepoint Main Campus 

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Grief Share

Facilitator:  Carmina Leucuta


Carmina has an earned degree in Social Work and has been involved with social programs and has been a Grief Recovery Specialist at a local funeral home.  She has deep compassion for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one and a great desire to see them healed and made whole as they move on to a full life in Christ.


This GROUP provides support for those who’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, as well as, a pathway to grieve and move forward in Christ.


Session 1:     Is This Normal?

Session 2:    Challenges of Grief

Session 3:    The Journey of Grief – Part One

Session 4:    The Journey of Grief – Part Two

Session 5:    Grief and Your Relationships

Session 6:    Why?

Session 7:    Guilt and Anger

Session 8:    Complicating Factors

Session 9:    Stuck

Session 10:  Lessons of Grief –Part One

Session 11:  Lessons of Grief – Part Two

Session 12:  Heaven

Session 13:  What Do I Live for Now?


For more information email: carminaleucuta@gmail.com

Admission is FREE. Childcare provided.

Overcoming Depression - ReCOVEry Community Outreach

Every Thursday 

Starting March 25th

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Lifepoint Main Campus 

501 Scott Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Overcoming Depression

Facilitator:  Kris Everett


Kris has an earned MA and LPC along with being a teacher for 16 years and a Middle School Counselor for 10 ½ years.  She has overcome her own personal struggles with depression and loss over the years.

Featuring the book by Neil T. & Joanne Anderson entitled

Overcoming Depression, (2004)


This is an 8- week class, with a full-length video seminar (30 minute weekly presentations) by Dr. Anderson with discussion and education afterwards. The purpose of the class is to understand more about the causes of depression and available treatments for depression. It is ultimately to find the basis for our hope and how to overcome hopelessness and helplessness.  Likewise, dealing with losses and crises with the tools we discover throughout the program.


Week 1:  The Agony of Depression

Week 2: The Agony of the Body

Week 3:  The Agony of the Soul

Week 4:  Overcoming Hopelessness

Week 5:  Overcoming Helplessness

Week 6:  Dealing with Loss

Week 7:  Suffering for the Sake of Righteousness

Week 8:  A Commitment to Freedom from Depression


For more information email:  Krisg1127@gmail.com